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"Production team"
We are always looking for people

who are out to make a different on how people see us as Canadians. Our first look is to deal with where we at, by promoting all canadian content first and for most. If you got some type of skill or talent in the areas of:


  1. Music/Podcast production.

  2. Video Production/Commercials.

  3. Graphic/Web design.

  4. Photographer/Modeling.

  5. Fashion.

  6. Writers/Editors.

  7. Marketing Team.

  8. Makeup artist, ETC.


As long it revolves around "Multi-media and you are willing to learn you are all welcome. 

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Do you wanna learn or have a music you would like to produce, then you've come to the right place. This a ongoing learning where you get to learn at your own past with minimum supervision.

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For various assignments